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Starblend along with other powder based paints and are much more fragile than regular face paints. Special care must be taken when transporting your powders to events and when loading them onto your applicators.

Why are they fragile? The powder paint needs to load easily and quickly. It needs to be somewhat loose for the powder to break up and end up on the applicator

Shipping can cause the powder to arrive loose or broken. However, La Rock’s is not responsible for cracked or loose make up once the item leaves the warehouse. We inspect the make up before in ships.

Starblend cakes can be fixed. If your make up becomes damaged from a drop or from the shipping carrier you can repair the make up. Here are a few suggestions from other face painters. The powder is pressed in. Some carry a spoon with them and press the make up back in place for a quick repair. Another method is to empty the contents into a bowl and grind it back to a fine powder. Pour the contents onto wax paper and then back into the container. Press the powder back down. Some face painters use the bottom of a glass that is about the same size. Be careful not too press to hard and break the glass. And of course make sure everything is sterile and clean.

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