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HYBRID - Waterproof Makeup

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Poraiir Hybird Water Proof Makeup

Long Shelf Life and is Non-Staining. Simple to Remove
Excellent Durability..... Clog Free......Water Repellent
Smooth Flowing..... Fogless .......No Pigment Separation

Last up to 3 Days
Sun screen concerns, base skin with White, add color over. White is made with Titanium Dioxide which is found in sun screen products!
ProAiir Hybrid Makeup is unlike other hybrid makeup. ProAiir contains no water and blends together a complete set of water repellant makeup ingredients. With ProAiir, ShowOffs sets the standard for hybrid makeup today and tomorrow with the most durable, longest lasting, non-staining, most water repellant makeup formula on the market. The absence of water in our formula also means you'll experience little or no separation of pigments from fluids, leaving you time to service more and more customers instead of wasting time stirring or shaking bottles. You'll also find NO lingering cloud of fog/mist like you get with other airbrush makeup. By following the simple application instructions, ProAiir will outperform and outlast all hybrid products for application and durability. Not only will your designs look better and last longer, you will be able to paint faces at pool parties and water parks and earn more income. For removal, apply liquid soap then rinse with water. What more could an artist ask for in a hybrid makeup?
ProAiir Hybrid is a must-have for Face and Body Painters as well as Halloween F/X makeup professionals and it's great for use on prosthetics!
Using an airbrush you can decrease the spread of germs, colds and other diseases?
ProAiir is CPSIA, CSPA (Consumer Products Safety Act) Approved - Safe for use on children's skin!
ProAiir works with any and all airbrush systems!
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