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About US

It all started on a beautiful summer evening over 40 years ago when Larry Rockman decided it was time to pursue his dream of opening his very own magic shop. Not the kind you see at the beach or other tourist area, nay, a magic shop for the professional entertainer. A place where professionals could gather with like minded comrades to get the supplies needed to bring joy and entertainment to the masses. With the help of his family, especially his son Bob, they were able to bring that dream into a reality. Using his performing stage name, LaRock the Entertainer, as the basis of the company's name, LaRock's Fun and Magic Outlet was born. Sadly Larry passed away after a long battle with lung cancer a few years after they got the business started. His son Bob has been continuing his dream ever since and has grown it into the company we all know and love today. For over 40 years LaRock's has been serving the professional entertainer community with quality Balloons, Magic, Face and Body Paint, Clown Supplies, and Jokes/Novelties.  As we have grown over the years a few changes have occurred along the way. We have dropped the 'Fun and Magic Outlet' from our branding. We do not have a store front anymore and are solely online. We've moved warehouse locations multiple times. But what hasn't changed is the foundation of customer service that Larry established all those years ago. 


La Rock's is a B2B (Business to Business) Wholesale Warehouse Operation and is not open to the public. Also, our website is for B2B (Business to Business) use. ie: Professional entertainers, stores, professional decorators. Please make your purchases for professional use only.